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Facilities at the business park

An attractive environment contributes to pleasant productivity and entrepreneurship. The quality and appearance of a business park contributes in part to the success of a company.

Facilities are important for making a workplace lively and multifunctional. At the IJsseloord2 Business Park, numerous on-site and nearby facilities are available for employers, employees, customers and visitors. 

Entrepreneurs are given plenty of opportunities to work in a sustainable, safe, and inspiring environment.

Attention to design

The business park is focused on architecture that suits the natural surroundings.

This helps to stimulate an innovative business environment.

Sustainable Business Park

You will quickly feel at home here: an exceptional business campus resting on the banks of the IJssel. 

The park has ecological zones to transitional smoothly from the city to the river.

Active park management

The park management oversees the quality of the business park and organizes its maintenance. 

They provide an environment where everything functions optimally, now and in the future.

Food and beverage outlets

The business park has a variety of food and beverage retailers.

There is a cozy Grand Café near the entrance of the park, and in the office building ‘t Hert you can enjoy a nice coffee and healthy lunch.

Inspiring work atmosphere

Iconic workspaces are located in this park-like landscape on the banks of the Ijssel.

This comes together to form an inspiring working environment.

Company premises as a calling card

There is plenty of room to realize your design at the business park. We’ll work with you to find the optimal solution for your needs. 

With that little bit of extra attention, your company’s building will become both your and our business card.

Central location

The business park is conveniently located between three highways (A12, A348, and A325). 

This site is also easy to access via public transportation.

Park and Building Safety

An exceptional security system has been developed specifically for IJsseloord2 in partnership with the police and fire brigade. 

Public spaces are protected through surveillance and video monitoring using the latest technologies.

VvE Involvement

Entrepreneurs with a company building on the business park are automatically members of the Cooperative Association of Owners (in Dutch, the Coöperatieve Vereniging van Eigenaren, or VvE). 

Via the VvE you can collectively use private services and facilities.


Parking at your new business location is no problem. In joint consultation, we can develop a parking facility conveniently located next to your building.

If this is not sufficient, you can make use of additional parking spaces centrally located in IJsseloord2.

Energetic IJsseloord

The business campus, as well as the adjacent nature reserve, has plenty of space for walks and other physical activities.

IJsseloord2 - Want to know more?

Contact us personally

The IJsseloord2 Business Park is an inspiring work environment in Anrhem. Would you like to contact us for further questions or possibilities? Feel free!

Your point of contact, Bart Franssen, can be reached via the contact details below:

Bart Franssen

M +31 617 35 82 04

Zijpendaalseweg 53A, 6814 CD Arhnem
T +31 26 446 14 00

More about IJsseloord2

IJsseloord2 is a strategically located business park in Arnhem. This is an inspiring work environment where you can have your office or business space developed for your needs. 

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