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The IJsseloord2 Business Park

Dynamic business location

IJsseloord2 is the ideal operations base for your company. This business park is optimally accessible by any means of transport. 

It is a lively and spacious park equipped with every amenity, situated in a scenic and lush environment. 

The mix of industries leads to a dynamic collaboration between the companies themselves: a pleasant environment where neighbors meet and strengthen one another.

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Many advantages

The IJsseloord2 Business Park is a dynamic location with many advantages:
    • Central location in Arnhem

    • An energetic and spatial park

    • Fully equipped to your needs

    • A scenic green environment

    • Space to create your own design

    • Diverse lots that are immediately available

IJsseloord2 - Want to know more?

Contact us personally

The IJsseloord2 Business Park is an inspiring work environment in Anrhem. Would you like to contact us for further questions or possibilities? Feel free!

Your point of contact, Bart Franssen, can be reached via the contact details below:

Bart Franssen

M +31 617 35 82 04

Zijpendaalseweg 53A, 6814 CD Arhnem
T +31 26 446 14 00

More about IJsseloord2

IJsseloord2 is a strategically located business park in Arnhem. This is an inspiring work environment where you can have your office or business space developed for your needs. 

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