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Lot availability at IJsseloord2

The IJsseloord2 Business Park is 60 hectares in size, with a design and location that have proven to be an excellent worksite. Lots of up to three hectares are currently available at this site. 

The available lots in IJsseloord2 have ample zoning options, variable dimensions, and plenty of space for customization to your specific wishes. 

We would be happy to discuss the various options with you, based on the specific needs of your company. 

Kavel A

At the entrance of Businesspark IJsseloord2 is lot A. When you enter the park, the lot is immediately on the right and at a visible location on the N325. This is a corner lot located on the west side of the business park.

This very spacious plot (almost 26,000 m2) is ideally accessible and offers many possibilities. IJsseloord2, an excellent base for logistics service providers and / or shippers.

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Lot C6

This lot, with various possibilities in zoning plans, is situated in a highly visible spot directly on the A12. Plot C6, with an area of almost 13,000 m2, is set on the east side of the landscape hill upon which the famous Rhine deer is placed. 

DEKRA is located on the south side of the lot, with Fleet Support situated on the north side. The front of this lot features a bus stop, ensuring optimal accessibility by public transport. 

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Lot H4a

Lot H4a is located on the south side of the nearby hill, at the intersection between the Delta and Meander streets. This plot has an area of over 2,300 m2. 

The moving company TOP Movers can be found on the north side of this lot. 

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Lot H0

At the end of the Delta Street you will find the available Lot H0. This plot is situated in a quiet location at the IJsseloord2 Business Park. This location (with an area of over 6,300 m2) looks out over the Schaapdijk and nearby water. 

These lush surroundings allow you to conduct business in a pleasant environment. 

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IJsseloord2 - Want to know more?

Contact us personally

The IJsseloord2 Business Park is an inspiring work environment in Anrhem. Would you like to contact us for further questions or possibilities? Feel free!

Your point of contact, Bart Franssen, can be reached via the contact details below:

Bart Franssen

M +31 617 35 82 04

Zijpendaalseweg 53A, 6814 CD Arhnem
T +31 26 446 14 00

More about IJsseloord2

IJsseloord2 is a strategically located business park in Arnhem. This is an inspiring work environment where you can have your office or business space developed for your needs. 

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